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Buying a house...

 ....... is likley to be the single largest investment you will make and having legal advice can make the process easier and a lot less stressful. Here are the answers to some common questions when you start looking for a property or are ready to make an offer. You will have many more questions so why not call Charles F Cox today to get answers to your specific questions from an experienced lawyer.

When should I talk to a lawyer?


It is never too soon to talk with a lawyer if you are thinking of buying a property. In fact, the sooner you do speak with a lawyer the more prepared you will be to ask the right questions. This means when you find the property you want you will be better prepared and know what to ask and what to look out for.

What should I be looking for from my lawyer?


Make sure your lawyer has extensive experience in having helped others buy and sell property. You want a lawyer that works directly with you and is available to take your call when you need answers quickly.

Who will actually do the legal work?


The legal work is conducted by Charles F. Cox himself with the skilled support of his team. Charles will look after all the legal details needed and will make sure everything is in order before, during, and most importantly, right up to the day you take possesion of the keys.

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